Advantage Tactile Systems, is our line of ADA Tactile detectable that come in different metal materials. Designed to last the most rigorous applications or to enhance the look of your projects while complying with all code requirements.


Advantage Tactile Systems also offers the Advantage One Domes and Bars that are either individual domes/bars that are drilled and adhered into the ground. A favorite among the architectural community, these stylish domes/bars or plates are aesthetically pleasing and comply with all code requirements.


Engineered to outlast the sidewalk, the Advantage Cast Iron Plates are a long-lasting Ada tactile detectable warning product, that is all strong enough to withstand the abuse of heavy equipment such as snow plows, fork lifts and other construction vehicles and are ideal for northern climates and high traffic areas. They are designed to be permanently embedded into concrete and lower your maintenance and product life cycle costs, all while complying with ADA California and Title 24 building codes.



Proudly made in the USA.

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